5) Wide Eyed Poses

April 11, 2008 at 6:33 pm | Posted in Habits | 13 Comments

Asian girls with large eyes are considered to be much more attractive than Asian girls with small eyes. Men place such a high premium on cute, large eyes that this one trait can compensate above and beyond other shortcomings, such as body type, skin quality, and personality. However, unlike the latter traits which require concerted, disciplined effort over time to improve, eye size can be easily increased in pictures with minimal effort.

When posing for a picture an Asian girl will hold her eyes as wide as possible, angle the head down, and look upwards into the camera held from a high angle. The combination of these three effects causes her eyes to look much larger than the normal, everyday eye size. Doing this equalizes their attractiveness to the level of naturally large eyed Asians. If the girl is extremely talented at wide eyed posing, it is almost possible to reach the attractiveness of a Hapa girl.

If you are a non-Asian posing for a picture with Asian girls, the first instinct is to imitate them and consciously open your eyes and angle your head down too. However, this is not recommended because widening your naturally large eyes makes their artificially wide eyes look much smaller in comparison. Instead you should squint slightly while looking below the camera, so that the Asian eyes are larger than yours. Doing this will make the Asian girls feel good about themselves when they see the picture, and they will take you out clubbing in gratitude.



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  1. high premium on huge eyes? is this why asian comic books (or mangas) give their female characters enormous starry eyes?

    i just checked: half of my facebook profile pics are Wide Eyed Poses

  2. maybe the premium came first, then the anime eyes, or perhaps everyone liked really small eyes until anime was invented, and “opened their eyes”

    so you admit you consciously open your eyes for pictures?

  3. “opened their eyes” …nice pun.
    i do consciously open my eyes for pics. i like how i look with anime eyes.

  4. racist

  5. having fair skin and large eye had been considered beautiful in asian culture for thousands of years, long before any white people showed up in our land.

    us asian girls who want to stay pale is following thousands of years of tradition, while girls who want to get tanned are the ones that’s kissing the white man’s ass. it is hard to find a girl in china that purposely tan herself.

    so, you can take your racist comments and shove it up where the sun don’t shine.

  6. Haha this thing is so fucked upp. :)) im asain and i love my eyes i think american eyes are freaky they are like inside their skull and even though my eyes arentdolly big everyone i know thinks im really pretty, except my sister of course and i am really tan so this blog is like really racist b/c im tan, i dont care
    what race my boyfriend is, my eye size makes me prettier in my case 😀

  7. Instead of squinting slightly and looking down towards the camera, you could always just get out of the photo. That way, you won’t be associated with this absurdity

  8. hahahhaah i thought this post was really comical! especially the last part . and don’t listen to people who call you racist, i’m chinese-american and i’m not offended. people are too prideful and just get offended easily. keep up with your blog, i have enjoyed reading some of your posts! have you considered being a writer?

  9. This post was obviously done by a white dude who is infatuated with Asian culture. Color me unimpressed.

  10. large eyes taking about those eyes but indian spanish african mostly that women had larger eyes this girl photos from post has very average looking eyes

    if you trust me seeing back when camera facing you . your eyes naturally turn big. and I works. asian girl has ugliest looking eyes in world.

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