6) Discuss fantasy martial arts battles between Asian actors

April 13, 2008 at 9:33 pm | Posted in Conversations | 3 Comments

Asians sitting around drinking beer will eventually start discussing hypothetical match-ups between Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Bruce Lee. A proponent of an actor will use grossly inaccurate statements as “evidence” of his superiority to the other two. Examples are that Jet Li was the Chinese martial arts champion in 1998, Jackie Chan is not just an actor but really knows how to fight, and that Bruce Lee did 2000 one-hand pushups in a row. For further amusement, a myriad of interesting situations will be analyzed, such as fighting with swords, nunchucks, or under the influence of alcohol.

This conversation is extremely inspiring for Asians to talk about, because they are reminded that they are perceived as capable fighters, at least in movies and television. However, if White people are involved in the conversation, they will ask why none of the winning UFC fighters are Asian. The best response for Asians, because it cannot be disproved, is to say that if Bruce Lee was alive, he would win with speed and technique over significant size and strength differences. Trying to argue over this point is fruitless, as doubting Bruce Lee to Asians is the equivalent of questioning Martin Luther King Jr. to Black people or Mickey Mantle to Yankee fans. The only polite way to exit the conversation is to say that Enter the Dragon was his best movie, and to point out that his girlfriend was White.



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  1. UFC is a big mess, too many rules. The rules that asian martial arts are taught under do not have rules about cheap shots. Take away the rules and let a shaolin monk go against one of them and see what happens.

  2. two words… cung le

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