12) Bag on Sandra Oh

May 3, 2008 at 3:05 pm | Posted in Conversations, Preferences | 21 Comments

Sandra Oh, the Korean-American actress of Grey’s Anatomy and Sideways fame, is considered by Asians to be the defining benchmark for unattractiveness. Her small eyes, shapeless body, and androgynous features combined with her success in Hollywood are a constant subject of controversy. Asians are bewildered by her popularity among non-Asians, because they believe any rational person without a preference for only dating Asians cannot find her remotely attractive.

This polarization of opinion on Sandra Oh is useful for both psychiatrists and the U.S. Census Bureau. “Do you think Sandra Oh is good looking?” is the standard question for clinicians to ask Asian males to determine insanity level. If the Asian answers in the affirmative, three burly men will storm the room and haul off the patient for immediate tranquilization. The same question is posed on the U.S. Census bureau survey to determine whether a mixed-race Asian should be counted as White or Asian – people with affirmative answers are counted as White, and people with negative answers are counted as Asian.

This knowledge can be used to prevent awkward situations with Asian girls. Upon meeting an Asian girl that resembles Ms. Oh, never mention the similarities between them, as this is an extremely grave insult. Instead, compliment her by saying she “looks a lot like Lucy Liu”, who also has small eyes, but is taller, slimmer, and is considered to be the paragon of Asian beauty by White males.

N.B. She was on People’s 50 Most Beautiful People list in 2005, considered to be as attractive as Jessica Alba, Mischa Barton, and Eva Mendes.



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  1. she deserves to be bagged on!! lol. that Rose picture? totally UNSEXY. it reminds me of a pig, and of a post on a xanga i read a year back or so. you should read it.


    but any girl you talk to that watches grey’s anatomy will say that she’s pretty. either because they love the show too much, or because she is no competition due to the fact that she is A) a celebrity and competes in a different field B) actually not good looking at all

  2. Sandra Oh is not Korean-American. Never was.

  3. lol, she is the definition of unattractiveness!
    only blind-gay-notgettinany-people can find her attractive
    and im not asian

  4. All of your comments about Sandra are repulsive!

  5. fyi: people magazine’s 50 most beautiful people also counts inner beauty. unless you consider oprah winfrey and martha stewart physically attractive as well. sandra’s acting is great for an asian-american… asia’s all about image and are so superficial in their culture. i’m a korean-american myself, and i would never, ever want to live in a country where you’d have to put on makeup and dress up just to buy an apple from the local grocery. no joke guys, this is how the city parts of asian countries are.

    • Wow. I am from Hong Kong and I can tell you that this is so not true. I don’t even wear make up. If you’re going to try to generalize so far and just bat down “asian countries,” you should at least say something that’s remotely true.

      • HA. Okay, just f or the record, I am chinese (FULL), and I can tell you, not every asian cares about beauty, in fact, most people dont, BUT THE MEDIA???? WHENEVER I watch an asian drama, I see people decked out in makeup and almost every korean actress has gone through plastic surgery. I get that it is offensive when people say that asians wear too much makeup, but it IS true IN THE MEDIA. I was often offended at first, but after reading so much about how plastic surgery in korea has boomed and how so much of the population has already gotten plastic surgery, I have come to terms with it. Growing up, my asian relatives would always judge me on my looks and say that im either too fat or too skinny or too short or something else, and it is very hurtful. A lot of old asian ladies would also always judge people on appearance, even though none of them were to die for. I mean, the culture is sort of superficial. I personally think that inner beauty is much better. Sandra oh’s personality is wonderful and that is what makes her beautiful.

    • Asian countries don’t care about image or superficiality. They value hard work and morals.

      • You are talking about the common class. Most of the media has plastic surgery or something.

  6. I would bang her without a paper bag on her head. She’s cute to me and I’ve been wanting to bang her since Arliss was on!

    • yeah 100% agree since the days of Arliss HOT

  7. She’s not Korean-American, she’s Canadian

  8. She is beautiful!
    Big eyes, long legs, slender frames, and flawless skin isn’t necessarily sexy/attractive. It just shows that you are another one trying to pop into a mold that Hollywood made popular.
    There was a time when heavy was attractive because it meant you could survive famines. There was also a time that pale skin was attractive because it meant you hardly ever worked hard/outside and therefore you had the money to stay indoors. And more money then = able to support family and self. There was also a time when thin bodies with thick calves were attractive because it meant you had a horse… transportation and money=sexy… unusually thick calves were the thing! Willendorf, Elizabethan calves… look it up.
    So now tan, thin/slight hourglass, and big eyes are in… so what? It too, is just a phase.
    I have a guy right next to me as we speak that has the hots for Sandra Oh and he is a far cry from yellow fever too. LOL (he has a thing for middle eastern chicks)

  9. Sandra Oh is beautiful and sexy!!!!!!
    She is also a fine actress, as scene on TV and in her movies,

  10. are you kidden me she is beautiful in the picture with the red flower i love her she s good acterss we cant lie about this fact

  11. I guess this depends if you want to watch an actor with the thought of fucking them. If that is the case, just turn on a porn yet, if you want to see a actress or actor perform, drop the BS pretty ugly thing.

  12. If a few white males were in room with her…they’d do I’m sure

  13. Well, I

  14. Well, I guess if you count Canada as North America, then she’s Korean-American. I’d say Korean-Canadian.

  15. What are you talking about ? I think she is hot. She’s an 8 on a the scale of 10 for attractiveness. I’m an Asian man. Live your life a little.

  16. You are a shitty human being. I wonder how you would feel if someone wrote an article like this about you. “Oh” wait. (Pun intended). Nobody is because no one knows who you are or even cares about your existence. Maybe if you had a successful career like Ms. Oh, you wouldn’t spend your time writing articles on wordpress spewing your nonsense opinions, berating a well liked actress while body shaming her. “Her small eyes, shapeless body, and androgynous features”…. Really?!! You are disgusting. Let me remind you…. she doesn’t exist for YOU. You are not judging a beauty competition… and then comparing her to Lucy Lui!! I would love to see a picture of you. I’m sure you’re just as ugly on the outside as you are within. Men like you are kind of guys, women with standards reject. I speak for all women when I say….. No one wants to F u ck you. So keep watching porn and writing articles expressing your worthless opinions. Oh by the way feel free to post a picture of yourself. Since you must be one of the best looking people on the planet to write with such authority on who’s attractive and who’s not. Post a picture…. No? I thought so… Pathetic.

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