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  1. Lol, totally lol. I admit, I’m one of those weirdos who love asians. I’m white and I don’t get along with other whites well. But yeah, I’d have to be blind to not notice that so many things certain American-asians follow in this website, almost as if from a rule book.

    The thing about tans… Oh my gosh, that’s so disgusting and annoying how people act like that. But totally true!!! I mean, I have asians friends who are dark, and they attract me a lot. As long as you’re not getting so much sun that youre getting sun poison theres no reason people should be pressured to make themself pale…

    Are you Asian? I was assuming you are. Because what person of another race would write so many posts about this?
    Kind of an interesting way to spend time.

  2. The only common thing I really noticed was that asians leave the plastic on their cell phones. You know- when you get a new phone it has that plastic film over the screen? Well they leave that on. FOREVER. I’ve seen it about 5 times by unrelated people

  3. “Objective” as in stereotyping/racism.

  4. Great blog……………my wife is Korean an we have 4 daughters. I have a high regard for Asian culture and it’s people.

  5. This is one of the most ridiculous blogs I have ever read in my life…you are an idiot…and yes, my girlfriend is white!

  6. Lmfao. This blog is so false.

  7. This blog disrespects Asians in the lamest way.
    Hard to believe there are people in this world who would spend time writing this type of blog. Lame, lame, lame.

  8. this poor guy probably had his heart broken by an asian girl. other girls use eyeliner to achieve that cat eye / asian eye look. asian girls take photos like that because they have pretty faces and they want to show it off. some girls (of other races) wear low cut tops because they’re trashy and they want to show off their chest fat -or what they like to call cleavage.

    asian girls are cute and petite. other girls are usually amazonian. the whole “asian guys have small penis'” is not true. it’s just that other girls of other races.. have big vaginas. asian guys are made for asian girls. no amazonians! white girls have big vaginas and a lot of skin down there. they also have really big feet.

    caucasian women, although beautiful when they’re young, let it all go after having babies. most of them do.

    lastly, caucasian women are the queens of bullshit. “blondes have the most fun”.. “i’m a southern girl..” blah blah blah.. THEY’RE WHITE! there’s a million of them around the US and they need to standout somehow so they become the self-proclaimed “blondes have more fun” “I’m from the south..” no one cares! that’s why they get divorced so fast. because no one can stand to be with a dumb white woman for more than a couple years. white women mainly converse about other women. in the office, in the gym, next door. the only smart white women are usually jewish. the only funny white women are usually jewish and or the lesbians.

    asian girls are cute, they’re smart, they have a good work life balance, they are mentally stable and usually drama free. they are the perfect little girly package.

  9. now that i think about it. it’s probably a girl who wrote this. your husband left you for an asian woman. you are probably so jaded that you will never marry again. you probably had 2 kids with him and now weigh 180 lbs. and you needed to create a blog about how you feel.

    funny thing is i live in chicago and i LOVE it here. and i’m sure you’re the type that never left the midwest…. because you’re afraid of the big world that’s out there.

    good luck, small town.

  10. though I don’t agree with most of this, Sandra Oh is most certainly the definition of ugly…

  11. I’m an Asian girl and I like getting tans…and also I do not have a “white standard of beauty”, I have my own standard of beauty, is that okay?

  12. MAKER OF THIS BLOG, be ashamed of yourself like.. seriously.. this whole thing about asians…is being a racist, its just like being racist towards african americans. This fcking pisses me off so much. people should realise that saying these kind of stereotypical jokes about asians is being a fucking racist.

  13. Ha… how pathetic are you to devote so much time to writing such a ridiculously ignorant, racist, judgmental blog?

    Anyone with a brain and just common sense who has been around asians and actually bothered to really get to know them can tell for themselves how asians are and what they like doing…

    People should be treated as individuals and not lumped into stupid categories…

    Stop projecting your internal issues onto a whole race and deal with it… you need to get over yourself.

  14. How pathetic do you have to be to devote so much time to writing such a ridiculously ignorant, judgmental, racist blog??

    Anyone with a brain can see for themselves what asians are like… when they get to know them.

    Here’s an idea- people should be treated like individuals, not lumped into stupid categories.

    Stop projecting your internal issues onto a whole race and get over yourself.

  15. Based on the blog and comments posted, it sounds like the blog was written by an uneducated white woman.

    I’m sorry for whatever happened to you. I’m sure the Asian woman your husband left you for may look a hell of a lot younger and hotter than you, but keep writing racist blogs with no factualinformation if it makes you feel better.

  16. Hey blogger-Totally racist site if you’re non-Asian. Totally self- denigrating if your Asian. Seek identity crisis counseling ASAP

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