13) Hide from the Sun

May 18, 2008 at 6:48 pm | Posted in Preferences | 29 Comments

White people cherish the advent of summer which brings warm weather, bright sunshine, and the opportunity to get tan at the beach. White girls especially love getting tan because browning their pale skin makes them look healthier, more relaxed, and vibrant. Asians, however, truly abhor getting tan and sporting darker skin, and will go to great lengths to hide their skin from the sun by staying indoors, using sun umbrellas, and exclusively applying SPF 45+ sun block.

There are two reasons Asians do not like getting tan. The first reason is that White standards of beauty are highly regarded among Asian girls. The darker their skin becomes, the less attractive they will appear to White males and the less chance they will mistaken for a half-Asian, which is the highest compliment an Asian girl can receive. The second and more important reason is that very tan Asians are mistaken for the allegedly inferior (and much tanner) Asian nationalities of Southeast Asia, such as Thai, Vietnamese, or Cambodian. East Asians that become tan will significantly eliminate their educational, career, and height advantages over the other Asians with just a few hours running outside or playing basketball. It is a well-known fact among Asian college students that pale Asians get significantly more job offers than tan Asians, all else being equal.

This strong preference for whiter skin can be most easily observed when Asians meet in groups at infrequent intervals, such as at birthday parties or reunions. The first observation made will not be about someone’s new clothes, haircut, or glasses, but about how tan they have become. Jokes about being Mexican and finally being able to date Vietnamese girls will soon follow, along with side-by-side forearm skin tone comparisons. When you are with a group of Asians that are outside in the sun and talking about skin tone, do not commit the faux pas of mistaking the tannest one for a Southeast Asian nationality. Instead, just ask to borrow their SPF 45 sun block and mention that your skin burns easily. By doing so, the Asians will feel good about being naturally darker and that they are more resistant to the sun than White people.



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  1. agreed, tan asians are no good

    • Dude some of the hottest asian girls i have met are tan, it just depends on what skin tone would look best on them, some people look better darker while others look better whiter ,

  2. is that why you wear spf 50?

  3. spf 50 is the difference between us and animals

  4. I think tanned Asian woman are some of the utmost beautiful women on the planet.

  5. I’m asain and im fairly tan. I think i have really pretty skin and really untanned skin makes my makeup look weird. In my opinion tan asains are really pretty like my friends and i. For some reason my grandma hates my tan skin though. I actually have gotten comlipments on my tan and i think tan asains are more popular in teens and children because adult dont prefer it.

  6. This article has distasteful and overt undertones of blatant racism. You imply that Asian females try to impress White males by having light skin, but you are wrong on so many levels. It is the White men that love Asian girls – not Asian girls that love White men. White females look 10 years older than their actual age, and White men take advantage of the Asian female’s naive and innocent nature.
    Also, being mistaken for Half-Asian is not the “highest compliment” – it is actually a very serious insult. It implies that you look like a sub-human hybrid. Why do White people love to flatter themselves? They are delusional – wishfully thinking that Asians want to look like them and be with them? Uh hello? Maybe you should look at ancient Chinese, Japanese and Korean paintings – the women are always depicted with white porcelain skin.

    To conclude: you do not know anything about Asians – socially or culturally – and you’re pulling these “facts” out of your backside and spreading outrageous slander and dogma against Asians.

    Pathetic and unsavoury website that can only be matched by StormFront.

    • I agree with you!!

    • agreed

    • I agree

    • You obviously aren’t asian yourself. There is a lot of truth in this article. If you don’t get it, you shouldn’t be commenting like you know about being asian in the first place.

      • If she/he ‘obviously doesn’t get it’ then maybe I will. My proof is that I am a tan(genetically tan) asian myself, getting the genes from my dad’s line. I have some kind of envy to all those lighter toned asians, but none to those who try to be like white people. I respect white people and most asians, but those who cast away their own race because of their own skin color, I don’t give a care for.

        Today, I had a friend comment that my classmate looked like a Half-Asian. He immediately denied it, saying it was an insult. It’s not a compliment, and truthfully no one I know likes to be a “Half Asian”.

        Also, I had something happen to me before. I was going to school (yea I’m a reg. girl like you, except less of a segregator). There’s these asian boys with light, white skin. I hear them laugh at me sometimes. When I pass them in the hallways also sometimes, I can hear “Is she really an asian?”

        My whole point is to say that skin color goes beyond Asia, and it’s not just because tanned asians are those of a “higher beauty”. We’re talking about the US (I live there) and it’s about students just like you, not people that are SO strict about their race’s culture. It hurts when they say that, and this time I know what it’s like and I am an asian- a tan one at that. I may sometimes wish to have lighter skin (like my friends), but I frankly try to make to best of it and ignore all the insults. There shouldn’t be any in the first place and you aren’t helping it. I know that in our DNA, we’re 99.9% the same. What seperates us is all those differences we pay so much attention too. Sometimes it just isn’t worth to hurt others, but some people (like you, perhaps) just don’t care.

    • lol you’re dumb

    • Asian women worship White men and that is why some White guys go after Asian women, because they like being treated like God.

      Also, a lot of Western looking Asians are models and celebrities in Asia just because they look more white so how is that an insult?!?!lol

      I have heard they celebrate if their baby is born looking more white.

      You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • you claim racism but then attack back with reverse racism great double standard there dumbass, “white men take advantage” thats fucking rich, back in asia asian women are treated like property, they would kill the girls babies because they want males to pass on the name

  7. By the way, Asian girls who WANT to look Western TAN their skin.

    Just look up Gyaru.

    • Actually, asian girls are naturally more prone to tan-ness, so it makes sense that they need to lighten to get to the same tone as whites when they tan. It ends up equal. Gyaru is wearing a style of make-up popular in asia where skin must be orangish. your argument needs to be backed up with real evidence.

  8. this poor guy probably had his heart broken by an asian girl. other girls use eyeliner to achieve that cat eye / asian eye look. asian girls take photos like that because they have pretty faces and they want to show it off. some girls (of other races) wear low cut tops because they’re trashy and they want to show off their chest fat -or what they like to call cleavage.
    asian girls are cute and petite. other girls are usually amazonian. the whole “asian guys have small penis’” is not true. it’s just that other girls of other races.. have big vaginas. asian guys are made for asian girls. no amazonians! white girls have big vaginas and a lot of skin down there. they also have really big feet.
    caucasian women, although beautiful when they’re young, let it all go after having babies. most of them do.
    lastly, caucasian women are the queens of bullshit. “blondes have the most fun”.. “i’m a southern girl..” blah blah blah.. THEY’RE WHITE! there’s a million of them around the US and they need to standout somehow so they become the self-proclaimed “blondes have more fun” “I’m from the south..” no one cares! that’s why they get divorced so fast. because no one can stand to be with a dumb white woman for more than a couple years. white women mainly converse about other women. in the office, in the gym, next door. the only smart white women are usually jewish. the only funny white women are usually jewish and or the lesbians.
    asian girls are cute, they’re smart, they have a good work life balance, they are mentally stable and usually drama free. they are the perfect little girly package.

    • Ever heard of racism?

  9. now that i think about it. it’s probably a girl who wrote this. your husband left you for an asian woman. you are probably so jaded that you will never marry again. you probably had 2 kids with him and now weigh 180 lbs. and you needed to create a blog about how you feel.
    funny thing is i live in chicago and i LOVE it here. and i’m sure you’re the type that never left the midwest…. because you’re afraid of the big world that’s out there.
    good luck, small town.

  10. This is called stereotyping and joking about it – so relax people!

    “Men prefer big boobs”, “white skin looks best on asians”, “tall men are most desirable” and so on are just what the majority of people prefer – in theory (as in if you ask them). But in reality people are attracted to each other for a number of different reasons.

    If you asked me if I prefer short or tall men I would say tall, but when I meet a man I like his height is really the last thing on my mind – We are complex and attracted to so many things.

    I thought this article was fun and not racist at all, just funny typical behavior by the majority of asians (not ALL asians because obviously no one is the same).

    And before you scream no – How else would you explain the fact that there are sold WAY more whitening cream, SPF and so on in asian countries in comparison to others?

    That famous asians and asian models are mostly white (don’t give me 3 examples of tan models or actresses I said MAJORITY as in 90pct of them)

    So don’t be pissed, all countries have stereotypes!

  11. i find this very offensive and shallow bec people should see more beyond one’s skin color. I’m asian btw, and proud of my malay race. I wear spf a lot to prevent skin cancer and premature ageing. So other asians out there, you can have your “white” skin. I’m “keeping” mine.

    • and though i admit the article is true, I expected a more in-depth analysis on why asian women prefer having “rosy white skin”—as mention by a product here in my country.

  12. Ummm I’ve never tried to emulate a white person in my life and I find this super offensive. Also saying that m viet and Thai people are subpar Asians is super insulting. I’M VIETNAMESE AND PROUD OF IT!!!

  13. Um…I’m Black, and I hide from the sun. Because my dad was really light skin from being multi racial, half black and white, but his skin looked like it was white. I’m really light like him instead of really dark like my mother. I hate tans. Tanning which is a minor form of sunburn can cause skin cancer, and gives you wrinkles later in life. Also, I know a seemingly really insecure Korean girl who loves getting tan. She likes darker skin. I adore the idea of putting sunscreen 30 minutes before I leave the house and has an SPF factor of 50+. I don’t like staying indoors. But I will hide if I have no sunscreen. Oh, and that tanned Korean girl is very beautiful, both ways. Also, what makes you think most Asian girls want to emulate White girls. That’s like saying all Black girls are short-fused, overly dramatic bitches. That Korean girl seems to love her culture since see likes the music, style, and seems to perfer any kind of Asian clothing or music over the stuff we have in the United States.

  14. I am Asian but I have to hide from the sun because I have a skin allergy.

    • OK it’s not an allergy but I DO have sun sensitivity.

  15. I think Asian ‘s light skin really shines. Even I take a double take on them on the streets. ( and I have light Asian skin). Asian s lighter skin is delicate , smooth, shiny, and v pretty to the eye. It is very different to the Caucasian s white skin.

    So I’m thinking Asian people loving a light complexion simply for its physical beauty.

  16. artikel menarik , Afra

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